Can your scanner do this ?

It happens quite often, that potential clients approach us with questions as to whether or not our scanners will be able to achieve particular scanning task. This is especially true of customers involved with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), which involves continuous scanning at high speeds.

Conventional galvanometer scanners are not well suited to imaging applications, and customers complain that they are prone to overheating. Another common complaint is that customers see “squiggles” in the projected laser beams.

The unique and patented “stronger, cooler, faster” design embodied by ScannerMAX scanners allows our galvanometers to scan at high speeds while avoiding the “wiggles”, and while also remaining cool. But that’s not all… our DSP-based servo driver also provides a degree of flexibility that other drivers do not, while consuming less power and generating less heat.

Because of this, whenever customers ask us “can your scanners do this?”, we perform in-house testing based on their inquiry, and we develop brief reports that detail our findings. (Of course we do not publish the reports if the inquiry or application are confidential.)

Below you will find links to PDF files generated for potential clients who send in non-confidential inquiries. Be sure to check this page from time to time as we will be continually adding reports as customers continue to send in inquiries.

3mm beam and 5mm beam at 600Hz and 40 degrees

This report shows that scanning 3mm beams and 5mm beams at 600Hz and 40 degrees is accomplished easily. It also shows that 3mm beams can be scanned up to 1200Hz at 40 degrees, and 5mm beams can be scanned up to 900Hz at 40 degrees without much difficulty.

3mm beam at 2kHz at various angles up to 16 degrees

This report shows that scanning 3mm beams at 2kHz is accomplished pretty easily, and that 3mm beams can be scanned up to 16 degrees at 2kHz if special precautions are taken.

6mm-7mm beam performing sawtooth scanning at 650Hz and 1325Hz

This report shows how 6mm-7mm beams can be scanned at various angles and frequencies while providing respectable fly-back times and also while remaining cool.

8mm-9mm beam performing sawtooth scanning at 650Hz, 1200Hz and 1325Hz

This report shows how 8mm-9mm beams can be scanned at various angles and frequencies, providing similar performance to our system with smaller apertures.

10mm beam executing a 14-degree optical step in 800 microseconds

This report shows that 10mm beams can be scanned with step times ranging from 300 microseconds to 1 millisecond.


The information on this web page gives you some idea of what can be accomplished using ScannerMAX scanners and servo drivers. If you feel so inclined, you may check with our competitors, to see whether or not their scanners can do this as well. When doing so, be sure to ask about the power consumption and the heat generated by both the servo driver and also the scanners. We think you’ll find that nobody beats ScannerMAX when it comes to RMS performance, power consumption and remaining cool.


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