VRAD 506

ScannerMAX VRAD506 Rendering

Rotary Solenoids

VRAD Products can Function as Rotary Solenoids

ScannerMAX VRAD actuators may perform well in the role of a rotary solenoid, since rotary solenoids are really just rotary actuators, whose angular range has hard limits. A wikipedia article providing more information on rotary solenoids can be found online, by Clicking Here.

Most ScannerMAX VRAD rotary actuators have a front and rear shaft, to which a mechanical stop mechanism can be attached, if desired. Such a stop mechanism will place hard limits on the amount of angular rotation. When hard angular limits are not needed, unmodified VRAD actuators will perform the rotary actuation function, with absolutely no noise (no clicking or “clack-clack” sounding noises at the end of travel), and thus, this helps lead to greater machine lifetimes. In the banner above you can see a summary of the two VRAD rotary actuators we offer, that can be used as rotary solenoids.

The VRAD Advantage Explained

VRAD stands for “versatile rotary actuator device”, and our VRAD rotary actuators all utilize a revolutionary new design, that features a unique magnetic spring return, very wide-angle capability, and a linear angle vs. current profile. The high coil resistance allows for low power consumption, and access to two individual drive coils allow flexible single-supply unidirectional, or bidirectional operation as well as dual-supply operation. Front and rear shaft allow multiple points of attachment, or for the use of an encoder or position for closed-loop operation.

The key innovation contained within our VRAD rotary actuators, is our patented stator design, that uses a series of asymmetrical, interleaved laminations that are inexpensive to make, easy to assemble, and which fit together in a way that prevents the introduction of air gaps to the motors magnetic field. By re-thinking the stator design, we’ve developed a more versatile, compact, and durable rotary actuator, that we are able to manufacture at a much lower cost when compared to other competing products.


Which VRAD Rotary Actuator is right for me?

Here at ScannerMAX, we take pride in ensuring that our client’s receive the very best customer support possible. If you have any questions about our products, or on which VRAD rotary actuator is right for your application, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We have a team of highly skilled engineers, fluent in multiple languages, ready to help. We also have offices setup around the world, in the United States, Central Europe, and Mainland China, and in most cases, you will receive a response in less than 24-hours.

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