The Saturn 1 Galvo and MACH DSP Amplifier

At the recent 2014 Photonics West show, we showcased our all-new Saturn 1 Galvanometer-based optical scanner. The new Saturn 1 boasts the fastest scan speeds in the 3mm aperture range, and it’s small package design allows it to be easily integrated into most laser products. Check out the datasheet for the Saturn 1 online here by Clicking Here.

We were also very excited to show our new, all digital MACH DSP amplifier, which will be used to drive our Saturn series of galvos. The new MACH DSP amplifier has no tuning pots on the board, because all scanner adjustments can be made quickly and easily, inside of the custom software we include with this. In addition, the software comes with a built-in function generator and oscilloscope, offering you even more value.

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